‘Selected Artist Works and SWG3 are pleased to present Flicks and Licks, the first solo show by London-based artist Grace Woodcock. 

This show brings together a new body of work to sit beside a series first exhibited in ‘They Had Four Years’ at Generator Projects in Dundee in 2017. Both sets of work are bridged by a common focus on tactility. 

The earlier, larger works examine a gesture of touch through a specific language of swipes. The lazy greasy marks smeared and flicked across our digital screens and illustrate the conversation between human and interface. More recently, Woodcock has become preoccupied by a wider notion of touch, working against the slick, stark, perfectly packaged culture to tease our tactile imagination. Incorporating the language of biomorphic, ergonomic furniture, and rituals of self-care these paintings are an exploration of touch without touch: an eye massage, a sensory surrogate.

A text by Mina Heydari-Waite accompanies the exhibition, taking years of conversations with the artist and a shared interest in sensory stimulation as a point of departure.’